Leap Day!

I really have no idea what to say, but how often do you get to blog on February 29th? If it was my birthday, I'd technically only be seven years old. I'd like to think I am sometimes.

I don't know what I was doing on February 29th, 1992, or 1996, but I wasn't enjoying the extra school day in 1996, that's for sure. It was a Thursday (I looked it up)... which as memory serves meant tater tots in the cafeteria... not that I ate lunch from a Styrofoam tray, but tater tots were pretty cool. I literally remember Thursday for being tater tot day at the elementary school, (Pizza was Wednesdays)...which means the cycle of lunches must've been altered in 1996 because of the extra day. Think about it. Maybe there was two tater days!

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