The Death of Weebo

Plankton ripped this off.
For 90s kids like me, Flubber was one of those movies we hate to love. As the Nostalgia Critic put it, "Why didn't they just call this movie, 'Shit Bounces and Nobody Cares!'??" Even as a kid, when I saw it in theaters, I knew it wasn't all that good, but that's just my opinion. One thing I think we can all agree on though was that the death of the perky little floating robot wife of Robin Williams, "Weebo," was probably the saddest and most unexpected movie character death since Littlefoot's mother.

And why was it so sad? Why was the death of some nagging, pesky, robot wife of some science geek, who spent the movie smacking into stuff and being dorky... the last thing that brought tears to my eyes in a movie? Maybe it was because those writers (who really dropped the proverbial basketball on the rest of the movie) made her personality so real that killing her off almost made her seem like a real person...and not just because she actually was a "real person" at one point... in one very weird scene...

And that red one at the end, carrying her "katra" as it were, "Weeblette?" What the hell is that? It's not the same! Bring back the real Weebo. She's a robot after all. It can't be that hard.

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