The 8yo Me Once Thought...

Here is an ever-growing list of ideas and thoughts my shallow 5-12yo dork brain actually used to be filled with. The views expressed below do not necessarily represent those of the Grown-Up Me, or his affiliates, but probably do! Reader discretion is not advised. :p


  • "Chunky is better than creamy."
  • "I hate these zebra-pattern loafers! They keep slipping off."
  • "Dolphins are awesome, especially Ecco."
  • "I want the Lego Pirate Ship!"
  • "My favorite kind of music is Jurassic Park music."
  • "Sweat pants are good everyday."
  • "Tag...I wrote the book on it."
  • "Skim milk is just powder water."
  • "Can't choose between the Lego Dual Catapult or the Galactic Scout."
  • "Barney's death would be funny."
  • "Beer is awful! Unless it's Root Beer."
  • "Girl parts, are they all like that?"
  • "The only thing cooler than a train set is a model town to go with it."
  • "Maybe clouds do taste like cotton candy? Who knows? Who's tasted one?"
  • "'Wild and Crazy Kids' makes me dizzy."
  • "More fishing poles, less Little Mermaids."
  • "Farts are flammable? Awesome! Now I'm glad we rented Jack!" 
  • "Cars with square headlights are modern cars."
  • "Eyewitness Books are the best books ever. Lots of pictures!"
  • "Tim Allen blowing up the house is worth the wait."
  • "The 5-piece McNuggets don't even hit the bottom."
  • "Shoes that light up are the coolest."
  • "It's pronounced Paper-View, right?"
  • "Jurassic Park science, that's totally legit." 

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