7up Spot - The "Uncola"

It's a clear soda, it's kind of citrusy, and it's not Sprite. Any other guesses? The answer is obviously 7up, the official "uncola." I have no idea what "7up" means, but their "Spot" ads peppered the 90's and contributed yet another big-shoed, shades-wearing cool dude that wasn't a pink drummer bunny... just a red circle with legs. But you know what? I'll take any role model I can get.

As a kid seeing this, I always used to think the 7up Spot was supposed to be a bottle cap or something. But whatever it was, there's perhaps no "clearer" representation of the 90s than the process of changing a typical "stain your teeth" cola into crystal clear sparkling citrus refreshment, and that's what these little guys were all about. (Just think about it for a long time in a dark room, and it will come to you.) Now imagine all the uncola adventures these guys could go on! I certainly used to... 7up Spot: The Movie! Rated G.

There were so many of these I had a hard time picking one out. They merchandized the hell out of this guy too, with video games, toys, telephones, you name it, and it all comes down to the fact that spiky shades are unbelievably rad, and you know it. They definitely made me want to drink more clear soda... or excuse me, "uncola."


  1. I don't remember this commercial at all which is a shame because it is terribly awesome. BUT. I used to play the 7up bottlecap game on my Sega Genesis ALL. THE. TIME.

    I remember Mr. Bottlecap walking around the beach a lot, but that's about it.

  2. I used to play Cool Spot for Sega too!! Oh man, does that take me back. One of my favorite video games of all time!

    1. I've heard of that game. I know they made a few of them. The Irate Gamer over on youtube reviewed a few of them for the NES I believe.

      I knew it was supposed to be a bottle cap!