S Doodles and Transparent Cubes

To this day I don't have a clue what those S-things were, and didn't back in the 3rd grade either. But back in the 90s, if you could draw one, you were cool. That's all I needed to know to start penciling it all over my lined paper and notebook covers. And there's only one way to draw these gangstah-like S things, and that's the cool way. You draw the diagonals first, only those pointing the same way at a time, and THEN connect them with the vertical lines to make the "S" appear. Oh yeah...

It's kind of like the cool way you'd draw the "transparent cube"-- the only other doodle that conferred you instant cred once emblazoned on your Trapper Keeper. In drawing the transparent cube, the only way to do it was to draw two squares on top of each other, and then connect the corners. Anything else just wasn't proper.

"Yeah, I just drew in 3-D, and I blew your tiny mind..."

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