The Doublemint Gum Jingle

Old Spice's new bar soap commercials have rekindled my desire to hear classic 80s and 90s commercial jingles, which anyone over twenty right now will immediately remember. For those not privileged enough, there was an innocent time not so long ago when nearly every commercial had these corny backing vocal groups harping on whatever was selling over strings and piano, as if to imbue anything common and ordinary with that oh-so radical kick of fresh, filtered "life!"

Yes, the world really did at least once pretend to be this jolly, and you might even get the illusion that these were simpler times, and yeah, that's because they were. Usually these jingles were so incredibly "upbeat" they would soar into this positivity-crescendo by the end played over random shots of people just smacking tennis balls and splashing in the pool, and were almost impossible to watch without lifting your arms up and shouting "yeah!" or "I can do it!" to whatever the tagline was. And of course you'd sing along. It was hard not to sit up and take notice. From Kitkat bars to Rice-a-Roni there were many jingles I loved, but one has been stuck in my head for probably way over a decade now. One so cleverly written I'm still mystified by it. I'm talking of course about Wrigley's Doublemint Gum, which played throughout the early 90s in one form or another:

Think about how brilliant this is. Everything is doubled except the "no single gum" part, get it? Trust me, once it's in there, it's going to be in there for good, so you might as well start counting all the things that are "doubled up," including that two-piece blonde who shuts the car door with her... "double-ness."

Wait, what was this commercial about?  

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