Hot Light Sneakers

How do you get a boy into shoes? Put lights in them. I didn't really care much about shoes since I'd given up on my old Thomas Engine straps, but the second my young eyes saw all those kids in the dim light of the commercials leaping over puddles with their heels ablaze in that colored neon light, I knew I needed a pair of Skechers Hot Lights... or heck, any shoe that lit up. They looked like something we'd be wearing in the future, and damn did I want to be first in line to board the Enterprise with a pair of those flimsy soles.

For sure they'd make your every step radiate with coolness, whether they blinked or changed color, stayed lit all the time or only when you stepped, but who knew what would happen if you stomped through a puddle? My mind only saw inevitable death by electrocution with all that "raw electricity" buzzing away at your feet, particularly in such proximity to all kinds of wetness, but little did I know the far more likely scenario was the things just going dead. Until that happened, I probably invented four ways to get them to blink besides just walking around (which never really seemed to work)-- one of which involved taking them off and slamming them down on the desk. For some reason, they didn't work very long...

Like much of our most futuristic stuff these days, once the lights went dead on these things, you could forget it. There was no potato test. All of a sudden you'd find that they were harder and harder to get to light, you'd really have to pound your feet down, and then they'd just go out forever. But for the short time they did work, they were certainly cool. What a way to join the 20th century and embrace the future... light the way to your smelly shoes!


  1. OMG! I had ones that were Barbie and Glittery! I remember crying when I was in elementary school when parts of the lights stopped working! =P

  2. Liz, oh my, thanks for all the comments! I just read them all. Thanks for enjoying the site. I was amazed at how similar our blogs are, so I knew we had to link them. Feel free to get whatever ideas you want from here, because I've already gotten a few ideas from your site (the post on Ring Pops, for example).

    Always welcome.

    1. No problemo! :) I'm just glad to find a great site where I can remember my childhood and have fun.

      Us 90s kid bloggers gotta stick together! :)

      I'm glad I inspired ya! You also inspired me with several of your blog posts! Feel free to use my blog for ideas and inspiration!