Timmy was dork.
Like most 90's kids, I've spent a good third of my life thinking about Jurassic Park--learning only from years of a slow and painful maturation that there's more to it than all those awesome big-screen dinosaurs wreaking serious havoc. In fact, it's about people too. But until today, one aspect of the people side has always eluded me. I had a moment of intense "ohhhhh!!" today, because I finally got the Doyouthinkhesaurus joke.

The scene goes like this (and trust me, I have the film memorized, so I know): 

Timmy: What do you call a blind dinosaur?
Dr. Grant: ... I don't know, what do you call a blind dinosaur?
Timmy: Doyouthinkhesaurus? What do you call a blind dinosaur's dog?
Dr. Grant: You got me.
Timmy: Doyouthinkhesaurus Rex!

For the record, it wasn't the "Rex" part, and no, I didn't think it was an actual dinosaur name!


  1. I remember watching this in theaters as a kid! =P I fell asleep like halfway through and woke up when T-Rex yelled for the first time! =P

    1. I remember I fell asleep watching Apollo 11 the first time at a drive-in movie theater (it came on after Casper). I was not only very awake for Jurassic Park... I think if I had died that night, I would've been fine with it. lol

  2. Still conflicted over falling asleep during The Exorcist but I carry on. Along with "clever girl" and "life finds a way" absolutely could have been a cult classic if all those people hadn't gone to see it. FINDING NEMO SEQUEL THIS SUMMER. Oh happy day.

  3. Odd how it makes sense reading it, but made no sense hearing it. I guess cause he said it so fast it didn't sound how it was spelled... or something like that? XD