Mouse Trap was Insane

I think I played Mouse Trap once. You don't play Mouse Trap, you construct it and set it off.  Who really cared about the game portion of it? You roll the dice, you move around the board...etc., and if you get the cheese first...who knows, someone gets trapped. That's all there was to it. You could skip the whole first step and just go right to the cheese, and you'd miss nothing. It was all about setting off that ridiculously inefficient trap of conveniently placed random objects.

Remember how it goes together: The Wheel of Fortune hits the elastic band of stop sign which hits the old-timey streetlamp of hanging boot which kicks the marble bucket over at the top of the hill and sends it down the bungly path and chute until it hits a pole which hits a balancing marble which rolls down the drain and hits a see-saw, which catapults a diver backwards into a shallow kiddy pool with no water in it, which wakes the T-Rex, which fights off the Velociraptors which chase you to a van which brings you to the helicopter... and eventually a cage comes down on the mice.

After 20 times, you'll probably think of 20 better ways to kill a mouse, but none could be as crazy. It was like a Salvador Dali painting or a Dr. Seuss book set in plastic.

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  1. My grandma was such a worry wart when we played this game with a friend. She was like "DANA! AREN'T THEY GOING TO HURT THEMSELVES?!" =P