Nickelodeon Gak

Even if you were living under a rock in the 90s, you probably came across Nickelodeon Gak (I think that's where they got it from). It was slimy, stretchy, liquid-y, snot in a plastic cup, and it was fun enough if only because it farted when you squished it. Gak was also probably the substance that filled me and my friends' heads most of the time back then, and here's why.

You could also press it into things for indentations, or bounce it off the desk, or roll it into balls, but the best thing was that if you squished it into its cup, it farted. You could stretch it over your mouth and blow a small bubble through it, or pull it to pieces and stick things on the wall with it, but just know that it did indeed "fart" when sqeezed. Get the idea? Forget about the other stuff it did, because this was the iFart of the 90s! And how appropriate that it should be, seeing as it smelled like some kind of chemical waste dump.

Gak lost its fun when it started getting dry and crumbly, or once it got sat on and pressed into the couch cushions or stepped on and stuck up your sneaker treads. The novelty soon wore off, but get yourself another batch and it was sticky, oozy, goo-y squishy fun all over again. For me, anything that meant never-ending ripply, blurping, raspy fart sounds seemed like the only toy I'd ever really need, even if the "sound effects" weren't really up to my exacting standards, but there were a LOT of them. Just don't put it in your mouth.


  1. Just reading this, I'm having a memory flash of that toxic chemical smell. We were killing brain cells, I'm sure of it.

    I once made a Gak-type substance in school for a craft project. I think it was made of glue and starch and dye, or something like that. It wasn't as good as the original.

    1. Sounds like quite a monster. I hope you fed it.

      "You created this thing, then you starved it so it turned against you. Kind of like the blob." -Seinfeld.