End the Overalls

For some reason parents in the 80's and 90's saw it necessary to lock their children into their pants. These things called overalls were somewhat fashionable at the time, especially for girls, but where they at least didn't crowd their style (at least for tomboys), the whole "farmer John" hillbilly look was not only trauma-inducing for anyone who wasn't a girl, but was also potentially hazardous. Once again, I speak from personal experience.

I happen to remember one panic-inducing bathroom experience at school when I was little, being unable to unhook those metal loops (this was when I was more youngish, you see). There was just no way to open it up and I wasn't going to go ask someone to do it for me because that's ridiculous. And no, there was no zipper or anything else, which in my opinion just makes any piece of clothing a torture device. So it was either stay locked in and suffer, of somehow get out of the contraption and do what needs to be done. I don't remember how I solved the problem, but perhaps I blocked it out for my own good.

Everyone talks about how great childhood was in the 80s and 90s simply because they've been able to block out things like this! This is why I implore people today to never put anyone over (or under) the age of five into these things, and especially anyone who isn't a girl. Maybe these were cool for guys back in the 30s, but those days done. Girls actually do look pretty good in overalls, I got to admit, but what do I know about "clothing?" ;)

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