Awesome Children of the 90s Ad

Children of the 90s, you got to watch this ad for Internet Explorer, because it seems like they are very well aware that we've all moved on to bigger and better things and just want to remind us that IE is still around. Please bear with some shameless commercialization knowing that I'm not making a dime from this, but am posting it here because of how awesome this ad is! You could do a "90s Kid bingo" with this ad. And the message is true, the internet as we know it is technically also a 90s invention, like many of us (unless you're like me and were actually born in the the internet)...


"We met in the 90s. We are members of generation Y, as in yin-yang, as in yo-yo. Life moved a little slower. Disks were square. Desktop folders had personality. Extra storage space was just a zipper away. There was only one social network, but most of your friends died of dysentery. The only thing buzzing in your pocket was a pet, until that died too. But at least a troll was still a friend. Lunch was puzzle, not a picture. You were pumping jams, water, shoes. You didn't have to worry about a newsfeed full of farm animals. You were busy feeding wild animals. A haircut didn't cost 60 dollars. It cost 4 minutes. You really had nothing to lose. Unless of course, you were playing for keeps! The future was bright. You grew up, so did we." 


  1. I loved this ad so much! It made me have a huge smile on my face and also kinda wanna cry with nostalgia! :( But I loved it so much, I've been watching it nonstop! :)