Movies in the Sitter's Playroom

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Cold weather meant I'd be staying indoors at the sitters and probably watching Disney movies or whatever other KidsSongs VHS they had stacked in the shelves in the playroom. We'd freeze on the dark, cold mornings the whole way over to the sitter's house in the car, waiting for it to warm up, and mom would be rushing us out the door with lies about how she was "already supposed to be at work" (at least I hope they were lies, because she would've been late every day!).

In any case, the morning would be dark, and we'd come into the well-lit playroom at the sitter's house-- a large den with a wide plush blue carpet, toys lined against the wall, a television in a case resting low on the floor, and a solitary couch we'd all fight over--and we'd hunker down with a movie until we had to go to school. The classic blue Disney logo with the pipes on the end would play, and we'd get maybe an hour into The Fox in the Hound, The Jungle Book, or The Little Mermaid, before we'd have to call it quits.

At some point we'd all be called into the kitchen, and we'd sit at the lower table and eat our Eggo waffles (always Eggos for breakfast, loaded with syrup... back when I liked syrup that is), and then we'd head back and resume our movie. Those Eggos were about the best thing to look forward to every morning. I could go for some now!

There were many movies I never got to see the end of simply because we had to cut it short to go to school, but there'd always be something playing, whether it was early morning Nick shows or a movie. Those of us with shorter attention spans might wander away and play with the toys, and those of us with less brainpower to resist the television spell would be glued to it. Needless to say, the moment a TV went on anywhere, I was losing brainpower (if I had any). It didn't matter how silly or weird or just plain girly it was-- if it was on, I watched it.

On the weekends when we didn't have school, we'd still be at the sitter's, and we'd be there all day long, so there was a hell of a lot more time to sit around watching movies for the umpteen-millionth time. I'd be there with my legs dangling off the couch, trying to be comfortable, while we watched tape after tape of whatever silliness was in store. I don't know how our sitter could stand it... endless repetition of the KidsSongs VHS's-- the "Skip to my Loo," the "Down on the Farm" one, the "John Jakob Jingleheimer Smith," the "Careers" one, with all the kids, and particularly the girls, singing along, each in unison... ad infinitum, ad nauseum. "Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?" ... 

Needless to say, I watched it, and yes, I sang along too. "Do you hear farts blow?..." etc.

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