Robie the Banker

No, he couldn't win on Jeopardy, but if you stuck a penny in his platter-like hand, he'd raise it up, drop it down his gullet, rock back and forth as he chewed, and then stick his red tongue out to lick his chops. He was a clever little robot, taking a cue from his Coke machine and pay phone ancestors, only this time designed specifically to eat your money. And yet, with a face like that, it's exactly what you want him to do. How could a kid resist this Radio Shack classic?

Of course you could just push his hand and he'd go through the whole spastic rigmarole without you having to lose a quarter. And yes, there was an opening in the back where you could gain access to his digested stash, for better or worse, leading to all the typical jokes. Saving money was never more hilarious. The only regret, he didn't burp.

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