The Peak Season

Had to show me in the leaf pile.
When given the task as a kid to name my favorite season and draw a picture of it, I thought for a while, and chose "all of the above." There was just something about each of the four seasons that I liked, and that hasn't changed. When it comes to autumn, of course, the big thing on my mind is the leaves changing colors. Suddenly the world goes from greens to golds, to oranges and yellows, and when all that stuff "up there" hits the ground, you get crispy leaves underfoot and blowing around, and they need picking up. It's payback for the free air, I thought.

The second thing I picture is a gourd... not for any particular reason, you just can't think of autumn without picturing gourds. I have no affinity for them or eating anything involving pumpkins, and actually had a pretty daunting experience with one that I'd rather not relive (so definitely expect a post on it soon). Maybe it's just because I like the word "gourd."

Anyways, autumn is when days get windy and damp again. It's almost like the wind goes away in the summer and suddenly now you walk outside and it's right back in your face--right where it was last October. And October certainly is the most colorful of the fall months. Once you get into November and the trees are pretty much bare, all you have are grey skies and cold winds, and maybe even a light frost here and there. It's about peak season here in my corner right now though, so one thing at a time.

Something about autumn (November included) always reminds me of childhood and family--perhaps it's because Halloween is around the corner (for childhood that is... I assure you, my family doesn't make me think of Halloween...), and perhaps it's because this is the time my family used to start getting together (...nice save). Something about the fall made me think of the mundane routines in life--going shopping, going to the Laundromat, going to school, raking the leaves--and as the weather got colder, how we'd always start paying attention to things that could get us out of the cold--like all the big sales.

Every kid, raised in a northern temperate climate, has memories of raking a big pile of leaves and jumping in them, throwing them around, and then generally needing to rake them back up... so I won't bore you with the details of that. Trust me, there was a lot of it. My dad did have some pretty ingenious ways of raking leaves though, involving a leaf blower and a big tarp... I'm not sure if it saved any time, but damn, leaf blowers are pretty awesome this time of year.

Hehe, "gourd."

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