Crossfire, the Game

Crossfire (or is it, CROSSFYAAAAR!!), the rapid fire shoot-out game. Everyone knows the commercial with those Highlander-lite boys on the floating platforms zipping around the clouds of Thundera with the constant lightning and fire and screaming spectators all around gripped by the gladiatorial "ultimate challenge" being accepted. This game made it seem the fate of the world rested on the outcome, the showdown of good and evil, played out from the peaks of Olympus/Valhalla/Hell (or wherever this was) on some small plastic game board that could even call down lightning from the very sky! and vaporize the loser on site! It's safe to say that if you were paying close enough attention, you might've gotten the impression that this game was badass. I don't know, I never played it.

It had something to do with shooting little balls and knocking around some triangle thing and getting "caught up in the.... Crossfire!" One look at it and you know it probably won't be anything like the commercial. And if it was, it'd probably be a big deal. The Pentagon might want to know about it. But truth be told, Crossfire would've made a better popcorn summer blockbuster than a board game (just look what they did to Battleship!). But that's the thing with boy toys. Out of the box, they're fun enough for a few spins and then somehow manage to pile up in the basement. With girl toys, it's a pony and a tiny hairbrush--it's lame on the commercial and lame out of the box, and will probably end up buried in the yard or sucked up in the vacuum, but you know what you're getting and what it does. With boy toys, they know we crave power and aren't very smart, so they don't even have to tell us what it is. Just put a lot of cool stuff on the screen and we'll want it, lame or not.

"Those other boys there look pretty cooling doing...whatever that is... so hoo-rah!

And did I want it? Of course. Did you SEE that lightning?? 

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    Seriously- it was as amazingly fun as it was made out to be in the commercial because my sisters and I screamed the theme song the whole time! =P

    It was basically these guns that shot out metal balls and you'd try to hit each other's targets into each other's goals. It was basically air hockey with marbles. It was fun until you hurt someone's finger or shot a ball at them. =P

    Also- check out the funny Freddywong video below with the band Steel Panther. They redid this commercial and it is highlarious!