April Fools Snowstorm

This story is a bit late, but I'll tell it now because if I had told it on the day itself you would've probably thought I was fooling you. Now, being it's a tale from a rather typical boyhood, you're probably thinking, "since when is that foolishness confined to one day?" But I assure you, this has nothing to do with being young and male, for once, so it's not going to be that story.

I don't remember what year it was, but spring was in the air, the flowers were just beginning to bud, everyone had had more than enough of the miserable winter, when all of a sudden God decided to blanket us with an epic snowstorm on none other than April 1st. It has been since known as the April Fools snowstorm, and just as the recent invention of "Thunder Snow" proves there must be a God, this story proves He definitely has a sense of humor.

I remember the tree branches being so caked with snow they hung almost to the ground. The trees caught so much snow that it didn't even really make it to the ground and there were these big empty patches of wet ground under them. That's how fast and hard this snow fell. We got buried, and our April vacation from school began a little early that year. In fact, I remember shadows freezing right to the ground.

Trust me, that happened.

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